Kristie McNealyKristie McNealy is a medical blogger, freelance medical writer and mom of three (soon to be 4) beautiful kids.  Along with her husband, Rob McNealy, she co-founded the boutique social media marketing and training firm, Contrived Media.

In 2006, Kristie received her MD degree from the of University of Colorado School of Medicine, but the premature birth of her second daughter at 31 weeks caused her to indefinitely postpone residency training and medical practice. Now she uses the time she isn’t spending homeschooling, scratch cooking, gardening or cloth diapering to blog about women’s and children’s health.  She has a special interest in high risk pregnancy and prematurity.

Kristie lives and blogs in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.  She loves to share interesting products and events with her readers, as long as they pertain to health, nutrition or families!

You can always contact Kristie using this form, or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook!