Sometimes parenting your preemie or NICU baby can be a challenge.  In this section, we will be featuring articles related to parenting your premature baby or sick newborn in the NICU and beyond. Most of these articles are based upon the personal experiences of the contributors.
In the NICU
Bonding with baby in the NICU – Tips on creating a bond with your baby in the NICU through touch, holding, kangaroo care, music and more.
Making Memories in the NICU – Ideas for recording special NICU moments through photos, journals, baby books, etc.
Siblings and the NICU – Coping with issues related to sibling reactions to having a preemie, visitation and bonding in the NICU.
Preemie Parenting
Plagiocephaly – Flat Head Syndrome – Information about prevention and treatment of plagiocephaly.
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