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Monday, October 19, 2009 5:37
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**Note – I’ve once again had to close comments on a clinical trial post.  Please contact the trials directly if you feel you may qualify.**

Fertility treatments are expensive.  Even with insurance coverage, many couples are forced to give up before they have a child of their own.  The single post that seems to generate the most questions and emails through my contact form is one I wrote over a year ago about a clinical trial that provided free in vitro fertilization (IVF) to participants.  I finally got some time to search out more IVF trials, and I wanted to share what I found.

If you’re interested in any of the following trials or fertility centers, please contact them directly.  The following information is up to date as of October 19, 2009. You’ll need to contact the study coordinators directly to learn more about potential costs related to participating in any of these trials.

Minimal vs Conventional Stimulation IVF

New Hope Fertility Center in New York is participating in a trial which will compare minimal-stimulation IVF (Mini IVF) with conventional-stimulation.  The trial does not use any experimental drugs or procedures.  It is simply looking to compare pregnancy rates and costs between these two proven procedures. The IVF treatment in this trial is free, but you will need to cover the costs of pre-cycle blood tests.

Infertility in Women Over Forty

A trial in Boston is currently looking at different fertility treatment options for older mothers.  Despite its name, the FORT-T trial is looking for woman between 38 and 43 to participate in three different treatment arms that will compare different types of fertility treatment regimens.

Sperm Sorting for X-Linked Genetic Diseases

If you are undergoing IVF or IUI in order to reduce your risk of carrying a child with an x-linked genetic disease, MicroSort is running a clinical trial of their sperm sorting technology.

This is all the current IVF clinical trial information I was able to track down today, but if you know of any others, feel free to mention them in the comments below or send me information using my contact form.

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