Medela Announces Corporate Lactation Program to Benefit Companies AND Breastfeeding Moms

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 20:51

I’m a big fan of Medela.  As I’ve shared before, I pumped breastmilk for two of my children, because they had trouble nursing.  One had a “disorganized suck” and the other, born 9 week early, just couldn’t generate enough suction to get the job done at the breast.  Through 13 months of exclusive pumping, I used various Medela pumps with much success.  From the hospital grade pumps at the NICU, to my own Pump in Style, my girls wouldn’t have gotten the breastmilk they needed without Medela’s help!

With both my girls, one of the hardest thing about pumping was finding a time and a place to do it at work.  Now, with corporations being required to provide nursing mothers breaks to express breastmilk under the new Patient Protection and Affordability Act, more women should have an easier time pumping at work and maintaining their milk supply.

In an effort to support breastfeeding mothers and help companies come into compliance with the new law, Medela started their Corporate Lactation program.  According to  Carolin Archibald, vice president, Medela Breastfeeding Division:

Creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding is important to businesses and to the health of the mothers they employ. Our Corporate Lactation program helps employers not only adhere to the new requirements, but to go above and beyond to encourage breastfeeding,  In addition to the well-documented benefits to babies, breastfeeding helps mothers return to their pre-pregnancy state faster and reduces their risk of osteoporosis and breast and ovarian cancers . . .”

Difficulty finding time to pump is a common complaint among breastfeeding mothers when they return to work.  However, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee, and the National Business Group on Health, successful corporate lactation programs help reduce turnover and absenteeism, improve employee morale, reduce sick time taken for children’s illnesses and lower health care and insurance costs.  Clearly, these programs are beneficial to babies, moms and the companies that employ them!

More than 200 corporations use Medela breastfeeding products as part of their lactation programs.  Medela also offers guidance on three main components of successful corporate lactation programs, including:

  • Setting up private “Mother’s Rooms” for expressing milk in a secure, relaxing environment
  • Access to breastpumps and equipment for subsidization or outright purchase
  • Consultation services of certified lactation specialists

You can find out more about Medela’s corporate Lactation Program at

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One Response to “Medela Announces Corporate Lactation Program to Benefit Companies AND Breastfeeding Moms”

  1. Liv L. says:

    May 25th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    It’s a shame that Medela chooses to violate the ethical standards of the industry, blatantly disregarding the WHO Code on promotion of bottles and formula. La Leche League and ILCA have severed all ties to Medela due to repeated ethics violations.